Easy to Save?


 How it works: 

Cat Tree Saturday

We are open from 9 AM to 5 PM

Come by for some great deals.


For some of you that are new or just not sure this is how it works:


I retired from the largest Cat Furniture manufacturer in the USA, they were located right here in Phoenix. Part of my retirement is that I get about 75 cat condos per month. I don’t need 75 new cat condos, so I sell them at my house every Saturday from 9 AM to 4 PM at a discounted price. These are offered much lower than you can get anywhere else.


There are two different products that Cats Are Inn provides. they are as follows:

How to buy and how to order:

Image by Eran Menashri
  • We have a sale Monday-Saturday at my house between 9 AM to 5 PM: Just come over between 9 AM and 5 PM on any day and pick from the 40 - 60 pieces we have on hand. Then simply take the piece home. We will always have the best price on the best cat tree. (You can take as many as you want!)

    • We want rescue and shelters to come outside the sale on any day. 

    • We receive a fresh stock of products on the first week of each month - this is the best time for rescues to come by, the inventory is highest, and the bargains are the best. 

    • No appointment needed, we also deliver! $25 for 25 miles. And additional $1 for every mile. 


Scratch and Dent Products

Cat Scratch and Dent Ally - GREAT FOR RESCUE, SHELTERS, AND FOSTERS These are products that shipped out and were returned for various reasons. They could be damaged in shipping, or just as simple as the wrong color.


These products are a fraction of the original cost sometime as little as 10% of the cost depending on reason for return.



New Discount Cat Condos Direct from the Factory

Cheap Cat Trees Arizona Every month I get a supply of 50 pieces of New just made Cat Condos. These are usually the hard to get larger cat condos, we carry the Main Coon (Much larger) brand of cat condos and the large 7-FOOT-TALL DELUXE CAT PLAYSTATION as well as some other unique styles. Also, some of our largest CAT MANSIONS are available for order.



Robert Baker started making high quality cat furniture in 1983 with the concept of selling high quality, low cost cat condos, cat scratching posts, cat trees and cat towers direct to the public.


Robert Baker learned this from his father Robert Baker Sr. who has 25 years of experience making cat furniture. Robert Jr. was the founders of factory direct to the public cat furniture and continue to provide the best cat condos at the best prices direct to the public. Robert has been supplying the best cat furniture in Phoenix Arizona for over 36 years and around the United States for decades.

Robert Baker has retired but still supplies Cat Furniture to his customers.