Our Cats Are Inn Maine Coon Cat House was designed for Extra Large Cats, Large Cats, and households with multiple cats. One of the most common inquiries we get at Cats Are Inn is what our recommendations are for large cat breeds or specifically the Maine Coon. Well, we have listened to our customers and designed one specifically for you. This Maine Coon Cat Stand is a huge cat tree and is the BEST product available for your Maine coon cats! Just the way kitty likes it. Not only is it big but it is a beautiful and functional piece of cat furniture. This heavy-duty cat tree is built to last and has very large perches as well as platforms that can withstand the biggest of cats or multiple cat households. If you are looking for the highest quality cat tree this is for you. We handcraft this purrfect piece with the best materials such as solid wood, extremely thick and plush household grade carpet, and unoiled sisal rope. Materials are very important if you want your furniture to be strong, sturdy, safe, and comfortable for your cat and this is exactly what we strive for. If you are looking for the best cat tower and one that will last then look no further. Handcrafted in the USA, 4-5 minute easy assembly-No tools Required Crafted from solid wood, extremely plush household grade carpet, and unoiled sisal rope. Great for Extra Large Cats, Large Cats and multiple cat households Neutral Colors are Beige, Grays, Taupes. We use plush carpeting of 40oz or greater for a long-lasting, durable, high-quality piece of cat furniture Product Dimensions: 24"W x 24"D x 65"H More Details for SKU 130014 Base is 24"W x 24"D From floor to top of the house is 19 " From floor to bottom of 2nd lowest perch is 31" From floor to bottom of third lowest perches (2 at the same height) is 45" From floor to bottom of top perch is 60" 20" of rope on the post Circular Perches at the top are 17"W and 4"high-measured by the exterior House Measures 22" Round, 17"H Angled platform in the center when measured from left to right corner is 33"W Door opening to the house is 8"W x 9"H View Assembly Instructions If you desire a specific shade of carpet, please capture in the comments section and we will aim to fulfill as you desire. We always use high-quality carpeting for this product.   

Cats Are Inn Maine Coon Cat House

SKU: 130014-Neutral

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